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July 27, 2008

great winds, rains going berzerk, its another cyclone!!!


WAHOOO I feel good

July 23, 2008

well i havae been thinking of what to do with my other blog and made up my mind that i will be making it a tech blog too, compiled lots of useful articles i came accross with in my profession and made articles, i will fill it up and post it if someone needs it.



July 22, 2008

well to be honest i suddenly missed the place, i havn’t trailed DECENTLY since the end april, my knees are rusting so i may need to go back to sqaure one, before i get the Mt. Bike, i will bring my orr-roader back to where it belongs, to the traile, hehe. saturday afternoon or morning will be my target, surpise some buddies up there.

Giant Yukon

July 22, 2008

well i’m doing more research on what Mt. Bike to buy and the possible conclusion maybe a Giant Yukon 2007. keeping my fingers crossed to get this before september.

watch out for more reviews on

Moral Dilema

July 21, 2008

it sure sux to be in one, i got too much things going on in my mind that i dont even know where to start. well here goes the old mentality of being workaholic, but how, my job does not even allow overtimes and all that. well somehow a loan will do, i will try to get something out from my campanies bank and see how much my salaray will be worth loaning

geez, i can’t even get my drammar straight

voodoomox on blogspot

July 17, 2008

well here it is

got sick

July 16, 2008

i was not able to update lately, got sick then another typhoon got in the city, so i got sicker. well anywho, i will be updating today since i can type right and my nose is tolerable.